The Player: The Science Of Flirting

Flirting can be one of the more pleasant and exciting aspects of life. It can be a heady experience that causes the heart to beat faster, and the result of a blush and downcast eyes is oddly but undeniably satisfying. The idea that flirtation has become the sole province of females is erroneous; the mere…


Pickup lines that work

Women say the right words can mean the difference between going back to her place and going home alone. Here’s what she wants to hear     Next time you’re chatting up a woman, open with humor. It’ll go over better than you may think. Turns out men have a hard time knowing how women respond to…


You’re Done, She’s Not… Now What?

5 Ways To Satisfy Her After You’ve Peaked You’ve already had your orgasm and you’re perfectly relaxed, but don’t fall asleep just yet — there’s still work to be done. She’s still waiting on you to return the favor. So as good as you may feel and as much as you may want to, now’s…


How To Tell A Woman She’s Bad In Bed

You, alternatively, would rather sleep, watch sports or do almost anything instead of enduring another night of passionless sex. It’s not you; it’s her. Not tonight, love. When you first hooked up, one look from the missus was all it took for your engine to rev up quicker than a pimped-out ride from The Fast…


Top 10 Relationship Mistakes

What is the No. 1 regret men have? Not working out enough? Nope. Not having kids? Nope. Not making six figures? Nope. It all comes down to love. A new study shows that you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor if you make love a priority, and that if you don’t, you’ll regret it forever….


How to Help Your Woman Orgasm

May I infer from here that she has no problem bringing herself to orgasm on her own, when the lighting is just right, her favorite Norah Jones record is playing, a pumpkin-spice candle flickers softly yonder, and you are nowhere to be found? Just as I suspected.