Bullshit Life - Playing it out

Bullshit of Life: Playing it out

Times have changed. I look around and I don’t see the same strength in people that I grew up with. Either they are lost, or they never had it. Faking it out is something a lot of people do daily. Fake hello’s. Fake smiles. Fake humor. Fake orgasms. Fake relationships. Fake love. I just see…


Are You the Office Sexist?

Sorry we have to be the ones to tell you this. But just because you’re not the person who sexts the junior partner (you’re not, are you?) or publicly grades the women who walk by your cubicle on a ten-point scale—that doesn’t mean you’re not that creepy guy. It’s gotten a little more complicated than…

Photo by: Raaj Kapur Brar / model: Stefanie L

What Men Want

Grown up men are not really interested in girl scout cookies from women.  Then again who is really grown up these days?  I cannot speak on behalf of men, after all who am I to do that.  All I can do is express my opinion, which is just my take and experience in observing how…


The Scent Of Love

Where do you find love?  You could perhaps find it behind a bush, a tree, or under a rock?  Let’s be honest right now, most of the time people find love in all the wrong places, and it’s not even love to begin with.  People are quick to label the wrong love the ‘Right Love’…


The Mask

We only say goodbye in words, and we only die a hundred times. As our love goes back to him/her, we tend to go back to putting on ‘The Mask’. We tell ourselves that we love our love. But it’s not enough.