Shaving Q & As

The biggest mistake men make is shaving against the grain of hair growth. This leads to ingrown hairs and irritation. You should always follow the direction of hair. If the hair grows downward, shave downward and never upward.


Fragrance Seduction

One bottle on this page costs $4. Another costs $72. But both can pump up your confidence. Shopping for cologne is brutal. You sniff for woman pleasers until your nose burns out, and then the potions all smell the same.


How to Help Your Woman Orgasm

May I infer from here that she has no problem bringing herself to orgasm on her own, when the lighting is just right, her favorite Norah Jones record is playing, a pumpkin-spice candle flickers softly yonder, and you are nowhere to be found? Just as I suspected.


Jessica Lucas Has Got the Jokes!

An old married couple had four boys. The older three had red hair and light skin, the youngest had black hair and dark eyes. On his deathbed, the father turned to his wife and said, “Honey, be honest with me. Is our youngest son my child?” The wife replied, “I swear on everything holy, he…