Veronika London, Drugs, Sex, and Smoking Hot

On April 27th, 2010, we got together with Veronika London at our studios to do a photo shoot/interview.  Upon arrival, her striking looks and seductive smile sent some pleasant chills up and down our spine to say the least.  Born in Mexico city and raised in Toronto, the latin “Femme Fatale” can be seen later this year in starring roles for the feature film “Jane Doe”, where she’s a prostitute with a herion addiction that later suffers amnesia and the second season of Showtime’s TV – series Body Language, where we get to see her “body language” full tilt.

Speaking of body language in front the camera as we were shooting, she was amazing.  The camera loved her or she loved the camera, we couldn’t tell, but the language was sure there.  Veronika’s raw talent and sex appeal have catapulted her to the fast-track.  Coming off a television appearance on the provocative “HBO” TV – series “Lingerie”, London rode the “exposure” to land features in several magazines, including Maxim who named her the “Megan Fox of Hollywood North”. Following her guest star role on the series she starred in several independent feature films including “Black Eve” and “Mvnera”, where she plays a gorgeous and unlikely assassin. The film also showcases her acting abilities and stage combat training.

After our sexy photo shoot, we asked her some of our own questions:

TML: What makes you smile?
VK: Proving to myself that I can accomplish things and when someone falls (this is only true if they don’t get severely hurt).

TML: What scares you about men?
VK: If they become like Hitler

TML: What do you find sexy about men?
VK: Power

TML: The most naughty thing you did with a man?
VK: “The most naughty” see which one will take the prize- everything has become so commercial now..but if I had to pick – and I’ll have to pick from my PG-13 list- hmmm…With no full details – in his office- under a desk – during a meeting- try to put the pieces together.

TML: Most embarrassing thing you have done in life?
VK: One of the most embarrassing moments has been getting escorted out of a haunted house. Backstory- smoked a little something something before going into the haunted house- it took full effect while getting chased by some dude with a chainsaw- got super paranoid and found a corner and sat there. My plan was to stay there till the lights came on. My friends got worries after waiting an hour to me to exit. Needless to say- they told security I was in there- they shut the house down for 30 minutes – turned all the lights- came to find and still I freaked out- bc I thought they were out to get me. hahahahahahah……now it’s funny, when it happend it was not.

TML: Your most romantic night so far was…?
VK: I’ve had many romantic nights but none that really take the prize that I will remember for the rest of my life.

TML: Your fav. dream?
VK: To be in a huge block buster mega hit film- where I play a super hero and I’m the star of the movie. Also being shot by David LaChapelle and being on the Cover of Vanity fair for this movie I will star in :)

TML: Have you ever been bad?
VK: lol…ha…what is good? JK…I try to be good-

TML: Your best body part, and why?
VK: My arms- I don’t have to work out and they still look fit-

TML:  Celebrity crush?
VK: James Franco all the way!

TML: How was your photo shoot with us, did you like your photos?
VK: Personally I don’t dig photoshoot- but the camera loves me- so I make love to the camera. Also, I’m very comfortable in front of the camera and totally love the pics. Sometimes when I look at my pics – I think “wow- that’s what I look like?”…

TML: Thoughts about the entertainment industry?
VK: It’s show business- I’m on display for you to buy me.

Photos by: Raaj Kapur Brar
Makeup & Hair by: Lisa Gustafsson

*note: All photos above are copyrighted by the photographer Raaj Kapur Brar and cannot be used, copied edited, or saved in any form without the written approval of the photographer.

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