photo of Kriss-O, taken by Raaj Kapur Brar

Kriss-O – Satisfy My Soul

We had a chance to sit down with the talented Kriss-O and talk about her life, her passion, men, and her new single ‘Satisfy My Soul’. From head to toe, she was and is a true lady. She photograph’s extremely well in front of the camera. She is a upcoming artist that not only has style, but savvyness and sex appeal. She has her head on straight and understands the industry she is getting involved with. Not many women go after their passions, and Kriss-O believes that her success will encourage other women to step up and take action with their goals and dreams.

Here is our Q&A with Kriss-O.

TML: Where are you from (background)?

KO: I was born in Toronto Canada. My Dad is of Italian descent, and my Mothers family has lived in Canada for generations, primarily descending from England, Ireland, Germany, and also French Canadian…

TML: Why do you like to model?

KO: I like different looks, being in character, and bringing out different sides of myself. I especially love the photos afterward, just being able to see how it all came together.

TML: Do you like men?

KO: Absolutely, I do.

TML: What does a guy get when he gets you?

KO: 3 cows, 4 chickens, half a bottle of Moet (I drank the first half) a bottle of advil and my crazy family.

TML: What do you think about the internet?

KO: I think it’s a great place to buy my new single, Satisfy My Soul. You can get it anywhere including iTunes. It’s a great summer track, with a reggae vibe perfect for the warm weather. You can also remix it now too at

TML: Will we get to see you in movies soon?

KO: If the casting Gods allow it.

TML: Do you still dress up and pose in front of the mirror?

KO: Ya. I’m just lucky that now I get paid to!

TML: Do you have a particular Valentine’s Day that stands out?

KO: Not particularly, when I’ve been in a relationship on Valentines its seemed like every other nice day with that person. When I’ve not been in a relationship, it seemed like every nice day with my friends.

TML: What’s a guy got to do to impress you?

KO: Be natural, and be funny (but naturally funny). He should also have a job… that’s pretty impressive. He scores extra points for having a sexy mouth and nice eyes.

It’s an honor to be living in the glory of Gods grace.
The difference this one is tough… the more you try to prove something is different, the more commonalities you may find.
There are a couple of things I would change about the world: 1) No cilantro. 2) No Wassabe.
Twitter seems fun when the people I follow are entertaining.
Don’t be too quick to size me up.
I spend a lot of money, you wouldn’t believe how good I am at it!!!

– To listen to Kriss-O new single track ‘Satisfy My Soul, click here

Photos/Interview by: Raaj Kapur Brar
Makeup & Hair by: Lisa Gustafsson

*note: All photos above are copyrighted by the photographer Raaj Kapur Brar and cannot be used, copied edited, or saved in any form without the written approval of the photographer.

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