Hat Etiquette – Old Style vs. New Style

On Sunday May 17th, at 1:49am, I got an email from an female I met recently when I was out at a lounge. She messaged me on facebook, telling me that, “It’s forbidden to wear a hat inside a house, restaurant, room, etc.” The message was very positive and she is a very sweet person. And she went on to write, “I am expressing this as a friendly gesture and because you just launched a fashion magazine – so it would look really bad if you didn’t follow the Hat Etiquette in Fashion.” She had also forwarded me a link to a recent GQ article about ‘Hat Etiquette‘, which was written back in May 2003.

For those that know me, I love wearing my stylish hats.  The email made me think, was I not being a gentlemen?  Was I being rude to women?  And since I have been in the social scene in a heavy way since December last year.  I have had nothing but compliments from women, and men. More often than usual, I get pulled aside in a crowded room by a woman or a man as they tell me how well dressed I am and how much they love the hat.

Now back in the days, when most of the men wore hats outdoors and as they were approached by a women, they would as a sense of respect, take their hat(s) off to greet them.  I also remember men back in those days, always holding the door open for women, which we do not see often these days.

Times change and do does fashion.  As someone who is known to be empowering and inspiring women, I would never do something that did not show respect.  So now, the question is out to you my friends, fans, and consumers.  What do you think of men wearing stylish hats in lounges, restaurants, clubs, room, etc?  Should it be forbidden?

If enough people are in favor of the old rule, then we can enforce this rule for lounges, restaurants, and rooms, to have proper storage space to leave your hat as you enter the establishment.  If you feel otherwise, please let me know.

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