Love Is...

Love Is…

“’L’ is for the way you look at me.  ‘O’ for the only one I see.  ‘V’ is very, very, extraordinary.  ‘E’ is for even more than anyone that you adore and ‘LOVE’ is all that I can give to you.   Love is more than just a game for two.  Two in love can make it.  Take my heart and please don’t break it.  Love is made for me and you,” are the words by Bert Kaempfert and Milt Gabler in the song, L.O.V.E

So is this love or is love a fiction that all single or married people are searching for?  Love and how it is defined is different to everyone, but the basic foundation of love is built somewhere in our timeline, our history for us to imagine and dream about love.  Passion, obsession, lust, romance, are they all too much to ask for in today’s day and age?

Let’s look at the facts.  People are more busy working now than they were a decade ago, which results into less time towards love!  The infidelity and divorce rates are higher than ever in our history.  Women have changed their roles and have redefined themselves as not just beauty, but beauty with brains.  Men have changed little over the last two decades.  In fact they have gone backwards in being gentlemen like in the days of Frank Sinatra.

Love according to me has lost its value.  It’s gone too materialistic, too vain, and the word love is so loosely used by people these days for what I call ‘Minute Man Tales (MMT)’.  I am sure there are ‘Women Tales’ as well, as it always takes two to tango.  But I doubt women last a minute in the tales of love!

Men’s imagination is like a child’s creative mind.  Most of the time they can’t think beyond the seduction that is front of them.  But are every man’s thoughts childish, and self centered.  No I don’t think so, because if that were the case, we would have never had love songs.  Millions and millions of hearts have been broken in love before our time.

The question I always ask to a women I may be interested in dating or getting to know is, ‘What does she think of love?  Has she ever been in love?’ A lot of people carry around baggage from their past, that effects them from seeing things clearly.  When his or her judgment is clouded by such a mindset, how can anyone see love for what it is?  Sometimes the mind games and pain that people throw onto people without even knowing causes a ripple effect that takes decades to get back to normal.  Whatever anyone does leaves a signature of energy behind.  Let me give you an example.  I have talked to and met the most beautiful women anyone can imagine from all different parts of the world.  And do you know that all of them have not been swept off their feet.  For one reason or another, either their expectations were too high, or men simply were not being the men that they imagined.

Imagine a man meets a woman at a local coffee shop.  He senses her energy and feels attracted to her.  He gets up, walks towards her, and then continues to walk pass her, leaves the coffee shop, and goes next door to the flower shop, and gets one red rose.  The man then walks back into the coffee shop and stands in front of the sitting woman having coffee and says, “ I was going to say ‘Hello,’ but thought as beautiful as you are, you most likely getting approached a lot by men wanting your number, hitting on you, making it hard for you to know, what their intentions are.  So I thought, getting a rose to compliment your beauty is the least I can do to put a smile on your face.  Your boyfriend or husband is a very lucky man!”

She smiles, accepting the rose, a bit out of words to express her feelings.  She feels a bit taken back by the creative approach and confidence of this man, and says with a smile, “I am not married, and I don’t have a boyfriend.  I am meeting my girl friend here for coffee.“

The man smiles and says, “Would you mind if I kept you company until your friend arrives?”

She smiles and says, “No, I don’t mind.”

This is not a typical thing that happens today.  If it did, the man’s intentions most of the time are only sexual, towards the woman.  But if those intentions were communicated up front then there would be no misleading one another.  But that is asking way too much from people to do, as most often than you can imagine, its human nature to lie than be honest.  Thus, explaining the dilemma of why its so hard to fall in love these days.  When you approach someone and the energy you bring in your approach, pure or selfish.  Leaves a taste in their soul about you and your gender type.

When I talk to men about love, the idea is dismissed by, “Are you kidding.  Whatever we need to say to get into her pants,” is what usually comes out of their mouths.  Hey, there are a lot of women who want just that.  A Pure sexual relationships with no commitment!  But people like that are not interested in love, and far from the idea of understanding it, and I call them ‘Cougars & Lions (CL)’.  But these are the people that most of the time get into the pants of women and men by lies and suck that pure energy right out of their souls.

So as I sometimes sit back and look at the thinking of men and women these days, I can’t help to wonder how blinded people can be in life.

Love is in the moments that take your breath away thinking of that special someone in your life.  Love is when you think of your partners needs before yours.  Love is no games.  Love is pure.  Love is physical and spiritual.  Love is blind, but not vain.  Love is in laughter.  Love is in tears.  Love is bold.  Love is fearless.  Love never dies.

Do you believe in love?

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