How to Help Your Woman Orgasm

May I infer from here that she has no problem bringing herself to orgasm on her own, when the lighting is just right, her favorite Norah Jones record is playing, a pumpkin-spice candle flickers softly yonder, and you are nowhere to be found? Just as I suspected.

This is not to say that you aren’t also doing something wrong — I’m sure you are — it’s just that your girlfriend seems to have very fixed ideas about what she can and can’t do with others. I won’t insult you with a lecture on clitoral stimulation — I covered all that in the first question — but I will encourage you to try one of the many front-entry positions if you never have. These are the best ones for that pubis-to-pubis contact that we humans love so. My sources also say that most people don’t log enough foreplay time before penetration, which is most surely your fault. Some sympathizers even think you should get her squared away through other media (tongue, fingers, a dildo with moving parts) before you serve yourself, but I think this is ultimately your girlfriend’s issue to drink over.

Do what you can, be thoughtful and accommodating, but remember that the burden of proof is on her. Accept nothing less than a video image. In full HD.

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